Here you will find short Bios on our staff members. If you would like to come by and meet us or attend a service, see our contact info in the margin or call our office at 478-452-9140.



Jody Branch has been our pastor for over 16 years. He brings life to our church through his unique, insightful messages and his brand of humor. You are sure to take something meaningful away from every sermon, Bible study, or class.

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Elijah Cliett has been leading worship for us since 2015. We sing a balanced repertoire of music, including classic hymns and choir anthems as well as the latest worship songs. We believe it is the theology and the focus on Christ that is most important, rather than singing all our “favorites.” In other words, it is more about WHO we worship than about HOW we worship.


Coy Hollinshead, our youth pastor of 10 years and counting, has a unique gift for meeting young people where they are. He always points our youth back to God through discipleship and open-ended Q&A sessions, where he always teaches students to look to the Bible for answers.